2014 Local Joes

Jared EstesOur Local Joes will be sharing their race day goals over the next few weeks. Get inspired and share yours with us too. Reach out to the Local Joes on Twitter and be sure to use the hashtag #PFMJoes

Local Joe Jared Estes: @JaredEstes25

When asked about his goal, Jared said, "Rebellion."


"That's really what I'm shooting for at all times, especially after facing the possibility of not walking again. A rebellion agains my circumstances and the desire to quit when things get tough."



Congratulations Runners!

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It was a great weekend for racing in Wichita at two fantastic events. First the Race 4 Freedom 5K on Saturday, then the Meritrust Tiger Trot 15K & 5K out at Tanganika Wildlife Park on Sunday. Runners came out in full force to test their legs in preperation for the Prairie Fire Fall Race Series on October 12th. What's event better...runners ran in support of two very special organizations...Youthville and the Tanganika Winter Fund. It was an amazing weekend. Congratulations runners! 







Bw7-hgXCcAATJ5t.jpg-large Your Local Joes Rocked It!

Did you see those Local Joes? Wow! Impressive effort     and community participation came from our 2014 Local Joes. Participating in one or both races this weekend. The Prairie Fire Local Joes hit their 20 Miles this weekend and did it with style. When you see your Local Joes...take a moment to give the them a "HIGH 5" and tell them you can't wait to run with them on October 12th!

See you on race day!

Arleigh Up!


Arleigh's first month as a Local Joe has been exciting. From heat rashes to ending her long runs with her fastest miles, she's experienced it all. Catch up with here on our blog: 




Angi  MelissaAre you following the Prairie Fire Local Joes?


Be sure to visit www.seetheprairiefire.com the official Prairie Fire blog for all things Local Joe. Learn what motivates each Local Joe to keep putting one foot in front of the other. 

Pro Tips

Also learn about training tips each Local Joe is receiving in the Pro Tip section of our Prairie Fire blog.


Get Social wth the Local Joes

Don't miss the Prairie Fire Local Joes on Twitter. Folllow each one individually and by tracking their custom hashtag: #PFMJoes



Local Joes Collage


















Local Joes Introductions have begun!


Swing by the Prairie Fire Marathon on Facebook and our See the Prairie Fire blog for daily introductions of our 2014 Prairie Fire Local Joes.


Each day we will featuring our Local Joes. So, head on over and get to know each one and share in their journey to the starting line with them.

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