Raquel Stucky Womens Full 39 2 44 57 cCongratulations to Wichita's Raquel Stucky for qualifying for the 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials in the marathon! The trials will be held on Saturday, February 13th in Los Angeles, CA. Raquel was the 2014 Prairie Fire Marathon Women's Champion setting a new state record at 2 hours, 44 minutes, 57 seconds which broke a 32-year-old record. The Prairie Fire Marathon Race Series appreciates Raquel's support both as a runner and as a sponsor with First Gear Running Company!


Hard work, family and a love for running are some of the major elements that have propelled Raquel to elite success in marathon running. To find out more about Raquel's experience in running and to watch the full interview, click HERE.

Surprise your family, friends or coworkers this holiday season with a gift certificate for a race in the 2016 Spring or Fall Prairie Fire Marathon Race Series.

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To purchase your gift certificate contact Drew at 316-265-6236 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The voters have spoken. When Super Sparky takes to the streets of Wichita this Spring, he will be "ZOOMING" by. "ZOOM" is the sound effect that was chosen to describe the new super hero for the spring race series. Thank you to everyone that voted. Come be a part of one of the premier running events in the Midwest!


 SuperSparky 5x4  Zoom



The Prairie Fire Marathon Race Series is pleased to announce that there will be a superhero theme for the 2016 Spring Race Series. May 1st is nationally recognized as Batman Day dating back to 1939 when Batman made his first apperance in a comic. In honor of this day, there will be a new superhero in Wichita.....Super Sparky!

SuperSparky 5x4


Super Sparky Biography

Real Name: Sparky

Identity Class: Rabbit

Occupation: Mascot

Enemies: Automobiles

Base of Operations: Wichita, KS

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman speed and agility; known to produce sonic booms


Come join the excitement in 2016! Early Bird Registration for the Spring and Fall Race Series is now OPEN! Click HERE to register. Sign up now, all B2B races go up $5.00 on December 1st.

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Your Sporting Image is the official photographer of the 2015 Prairie Fire Race Series.

Pictures are Available

Your images are now available for free by digital download.  To order, simply add it to the cart and check out as if you are paying for them. There will be no charge associated at the end.  Once you have ordered the photos, the receipt will be emailed to you immediately and the images will be embedded in the receipt.  The links are in blue and simply download them to your own computer.  Make sure you are able to 'download' photos and watch for email going to junk folder.  You can only download your photos ONE TIME and then the link will disappear. 


If you have ANY LOST AND FOUND PHOTOS, you must tell us PRIOR TO ORDERING by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the 'photo ID number' associated with any in the lost and found category.  You are allowed to pick out a reasonable amount of the promotional photos along with the start photos to be included with your order, but you will also need to tell us the photo ID numbers (up to 10 promotional).  If you ran without the bib in front, you will obviously have to search all the lost and found photos to find your photos.  These will be sent out LAST - since we will be bombarded with runners who were wearing their bibs in front but we couldn't read number.  Those may take up to a week to receive.




                   Men's Marathon                                        Women's Marathon

                     Stanley Boen                                              Madeline Glass

                         2:20:47                                                        2:59:11




                Men's Half Marathon                              Women's Half Marathon

                 Nicholas Kipngetich                                         Jebichi Yator

                         1:05:21                                                       1:16:54



                        Men's 5K                                                    Women's 5K

                     Tomas Cotter                                       Cindy Blakeley-Cameron

                          14:45                                                           19:13

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